Here, the coordinates of the last used map section are stored and will be read back before the next map call-up.

Your parking coordinates will be stored here, too.

gespeicherte Koordinaten

  • Latitude for the first map call-up



  • Longitude for the first map call-up



  • Latitude of the parking area


  • Longitude of the parking area





  The display of the compass view can be set individually. The settings can be changed more efficiently in the compass' submenu by selecting the "View" entry and are listed here just for the sake of completeness.

Einstellungen - Kompass
  •  Mini Map


  • Waypoint name

  • Waypoint icon


  • Attribute


  • GC-Code


  • Waypoint coordinates


  • Waypoint description


  • Satellite Info


  • Show sun and moon


  • Compass SDT


  • Date of last find


  • Show direction to WP in °






The settings listed here are interesting for programmers only and are helpful when searching for programming errors. They will not be documented in detail (mainly because I don't know what they are good for :)

The item "Show Display Info" can be helpful when experiencing problems with your display. Those informations will be asked for by the programmers when needed.


  • Show Display Info


  • Enable Debug Mode


  • Show Debug Messages


  • Enable Debug Panel


  • Show Debug Messages


  • Debug ShowMarker


  • Show Log Entries


  • Override URL for OAuth Server


  • Debug SpriteBatchCountBuffer












The warnings contained in the program can be turned off and on.

  • Turn off cost warnings:
    Whenever Cachebox requires an online connection, you will be warned. Costs may incur with every access to the API interface to (e.g. when uploading fieldnotes, downloading PQs, updating log entries).
  • Ask for installation path:
    If your smartphone has an internal and an external SD-card, you can chose the installation path when starting Cachebox. This note can be turned off here.