FAQ Android

How can i choose the app which is opened by clicking "navigato to (external)"?

You have to go to system settings (android) and choose Apps. Find the app that is opened by cachebox in "installed apps" and delete the default values. Then you can choose again which app is opened for navigation.

If Navigon as a navigation app is installed it is opened as default and cannot be changed.



It is possible to adapt the time for updating the GPS and compass signal  (Settings - GPS - GPS Settings).

For a fast illustration change the updating time to e.g. 150ms. You need a fast device and a lot resources.

To save computing power and RAM change the time to e.g. 500ms. The illustration will be updated only twice a second.

Cachebox is able to use the service of gcjoker to get telephone hints to certain caches. Therefore you need an account on this page and must be willing to give help for at least 5 found caches.

Click on "hier anmelden" on gcjoker. Then you can upload a pocketquery with your finds.

If you are done goto "my gcJoker", you can find the md5-hash at the bottom of the page.

md5 hash of gcjoker

You shoud insert the signs after "md5=" to the login settings of cachebox