Cachebox has the following permissions:


Camera: This permission is required to take pictures and control the flashlight. Cachebox does not store any photos on our servers.

Microphone: This permission is required to record voice notes. Cachebox does not store any voice notes on our servers.


Cachebox Does not store any user information on its servers.

However, we submit a Groundspeak UserId to the servers of Groundspeak as part of the Groundspeak API program. You can find the privacy police of Groundspeak here =>


To report an error it is useful for the developers to get a detailed errordescription. If you want to report a repeatable error, you should install the app Catlog from GooglePlay Store. After starting catlog use the menubutton to start an recording. Now you can start Cachebox and do the action that leads to the error. After changing back to catlog and quitting the recording you can find a textfile stored in you catlog folder. You should send this file with the error and action description by mail or bugtracker to the developers.


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